The Dowloaded Knight

22 11 2009

I have a wonderful transcriptionist who is transferring the audio from my interviews into written documents.  Inevitably, when you aren’t the one conducting the interview and you don’t know the person who is speaking, some of the translation gets flubbed.  I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with you as I come across them.


Audio: “It will come to you as a download at night.”

Transcription: “It will come to you as a downloaded knight.”


Audio: “You know, like working on golf scores. . .”

Transcription: “You know, like boss on the floors. . .”


Videophobic Trauma

19 11 2009, I’ve interviewed over 20 people for my study now, and I am amazed at the near-universal reaction of self-loathing that emerges as individuals first glimpse themselves on camera.  I must admit that I had the same reaction when I watched my initial research video at home.  I actually edited one clip that I showed to a participant so that my backside was not in view!  Some people may lament their video appearance because they feel like the need to say SOMETHING as their image first darts across the screen, but I think there is a larger issue at play here as well.  Yes, our culture promotes a physical ideal that is virtually unattainable, and, thus, it make sense that we judge ourselves harsley.  But there also seems to be a disconnect between how we THINK we look (and/or sound) during everyday interactions and how we actually appear. . .  Is watching oneself on video a valuable learning experience, or a potentially damaging event?  I HAVE held back and/or monitored my behavior and body position several times since I watched my first research video. . .

Gathering Data

9 11 2009

Mt. Laurel

Luckily, I’ve found four wonderful organizations that are allowing me to conduct research at their meetings.  (I still need at least two more organizations to participate, so let me know if you have any ideas for me!)  Today I am in Mt. Laurel, Alabama. . .an eerily quaint community.  I arrived early this morning and decided to look for a coffee shop.  I popped my head into the town grocery store to ask for directions, and one of the self-described “retired gentlemen who just hang out in downtown Mt. Laurel all day” offered to walk me to the community diner.  I felt like I had been sucked into that movie where the town was in black and white until people started having moments of self-awareness. . .can’t remember the title!  I can’t decide if I can see the attraction of such a picturesque, protected lifestyle, or if I find it suffocating and isolated. . .it certainly is beautiful.  And the organization where I’m working today is LOVELY.

I love my friends in the helping professions!

21 10 2009


My proposal hearing was successful, and my committee has given me permission to recruit participants for my study.  Yea!!  Recruitment has been harder than I expected.  I HATE asking people to do something for me when I can’t really offer an attractive incentive beyond “the opportunity to contribute to academic research.”  I feel like I’m asking people to donate to the charity of “Lisa G. Graham,” and I don’t like it!  Luckily. two non-profit groups appear to be promising prospects.  Most of the corporate groups I’ve approached so far have been resistant or non-responsive.  Ugh.  You’d think I was asking them to work chain gang for a day rather than requesting permission to videotape a meeting and conduct subsequent one-on-one interviews!  Of course, I’m being a bit facetious here.  I understand that some people don’t like to be videotaped. . .and that a lot of people really don’t have an extra hour to dedicate to a follow-up interview.  I’m just frustrated because I have visions of the perfectly diverse and interesting participant sample, and it isn’t forming as easily as I’d hoped.  I still have a few irons in the fire, so I haven’t given up yet.  I need at least six groups to complete the study!  Wish me luck.  And if you know a corporate team that may be willing to participate, please let me know!

Case #100609

8 10 2009



On October 6, 2009, a member of the Graham family reported the mysterious disappearance of a hot pink permanent marker.  The suspected thief, pictured above, was apprehended in the Graham master bedroom at 5:45pm when visitor Cates observed his suspicious appearance.  Suspect initially denied his involvement in the marker heist.  Due to the prosecution’s overwhelmingly strong case against him, the suspect has since shifted his strategy, entering a plea of “not guilty due to temporary insanity.”  He stated, “bark  bark bark lick” (“Ms. Graham failed to take me for a walk on the morning of October 6, and the pent up energy was more than I could take.  If anyone is at fault in this case, it is Ms. Graham.”)

Who needs consistent blood flow to the brain?

30 09 2009


I’ve had some terrible headaches over the past couple of weeks.  At first, I accused my Mac computer screen of producing too much glare.  Then I thought maybe I wasn’t taking enough breaks (I’m not good at breaks).  Then I decided I might have a brain tumor.  Well, turns out the headband I wear to keep my hair out of my face when I’m working has been cutting off blood flow to my brain.  Yep.  Goodbye, headband; hello, happy head.  I’d like to point out that I successfully completed the first three chapters of my dissertation while enduring reduced supplies of blood to my thinker.  This has to be some sort of accomplishment of which I should be proud.

Amendment Fails to Pass

25 09 2009

ThumbsDownNot a peep from Microsoft.  (Turns out the sweet guys who attempted to answer my question were just members of the community blog, so they aren’t obligated to keep helping me. . .)  I still have a TOC that only includes two levels of heading styles.  Oy veh.  My love affair with Apple is rekindled.